About us

AQUA POOLS SP. Z O.O. SP. K. was founded by Zenon Szturomski, who has been active in the field of water treatment engineering since 1992. Thanks to 25 years of experience and continuous work with the newer and more interesting projects of the Water Treatment Station, the company’s board of directors develops the products and services offered in the field of environmental engineering.

Our customers are: Offices of municipalities, municipal plants, manufacturing companies, hospitals, hotels, recreation centres, schools, restaurants, residential communities, laundries, car washes, owners of single-family housings, and many others.

Every day the company deals with:

  • about the design and construction of water treatment plants,
  • selecting softening or water iron filters for home and commercial use,
  • Myrtha Pools pool construction and selection and installation of pool water treatment technology.

In the water treatment industry we want to be perceived as a partner who offers ecological, energy-efficient and innovative solutions. In our vision, we are the Leader, which guarantees comfort of use, applies high-quality, branded products in its solutions (Cintropur, Clack, Fleck, Autotrol, Structural), and above all, its knowledge is used to adapt to individual needs of customers.


We believe that working in harmony with the values we set out to achieve the best results. Our work for both the Board and the Employees is more than a daily duty. It is our way of life that affects our health, our activity and our energy.


– whatever we do, we do it well

– use of collective wisdom


– constant assessment of the effects of our work and raising the bar

– courage in creating a new, better future

– we act with high integrity and energy. More than anything, we will always do what’s right for our Clients
Open communication

– creating friendly and trustful relations

– a business that works in harmony with the environment

Our WORK, is our PASSION, which is why we are involved in it with our hearts and minds.