Water Treatment Plants – industrial projects


Project Development Team oversees the entirety of medium and large industrial contracts from both private and public Investors. We specialize in purifying underground water and supplying it into waterworks, as well as preparing water for industry with specific purity requirements.

Our Specialists provide Investors with cutting-edge water treatment systems tailored to exact specifications. In last few years we have successfully completed a variety of projects both in Europe and Africa.

We provide:

1. Preparation of concepts for construction and technology of water treatment plants.
2. Assortment of technology – selection of technology based on our vast experience and Client’s needs.
3. Design of the entire water treatment plant – detailed executive project that takes into account all technical requirements as well as preparation of estimates for Investors.
4. Supplying all materials required by the project – to exact standards and demands.
5. Construction or modernization of the building , electrical grid and installation of technology according to design.
6. Startup of the entire water treatment system in order to verify it is in working order and working parameters. The startup procedure involves detailed training of the Investor’s staff that will be taking care of the treatment plant.

We can help with:

– iron removers;
– manganese removers;
– softeners;
– mechanical filtration;
– filtration on activated carbon beds;
— reverse osmosis systems;
— chemical demineralization;
— drinking water distributors.

We can also provide wide variety of submersible pumps and pressure boosting systems.