Aqua Interkis Ltd. provides professional maintenance services for water filtrations systems as well as industrial water treatment plants. We take pride in our aftersales support for each and every sold water treatment system within the Europe.

We provide:

  • startup of water treatment plants (entire startup procedure, transfering the working plant to our client, consults and support in order to maximize purification results);
  • warranty repairs;
  • inspections;
  • installation – new water treatment systems build from scratch or fitted to already operating systems;
  • modernization of worn-out or outdated water treatment systems;
  • cleaning of waterworks;
  • technical consults;
  • analysis of water samples: Fe, Mn, pH, CaCO3 and others;
  • microbiological analysis of water samples (outsourced to partner accredited laboratory).

Regular maintenance of water treatment systems extends greatly the longevity and maximizes efficiency. It helps to drastically lower the long term repair costs.