Water filters

AQUA INTERKIS provides wide variety of water filters for diverse purposes. Each solution is tailored for each specific Client. Diagnosis of the situation is the key: what is the real issue – which parameters both physicochemical and microbiological exceed standards, and then selecting the right product which allows for precise water purification.

Our products are supplied by the biggest and best renown manufacturers in the world. Thanks to our extensive experience we assemble all components in our workshop to our exact specifications.

We provide variety of filters:

– iron removers,
– manganese removers,
– mechanical filters (Big Blue, AQUA, Cintropur, Honeywell and others),
– activated carbon columns,
– reverse osmosis systems,
– submersible pumps,
– pressure boosting systems,
– control valves: CLACK, FLECK, Autotrol, BNT, RX,
– wide variety of maintenance parts, etc.