Myrtha Pools offers unrivaled technology: solutions that suit Client’s needs and quick installation of all types of modern pools. From those dedicated to classical swimming competitions but even water polo or synchronized swimming. The timetable and precision are key when constructing our pools. Myrtha has been chosen to design and build pools for FISU, European Championship, regional eliminations for national teams such as the US and many others.
National swimming federations all over the world choose Myrtha as a partner for most prestigious international competitions because we guarantee:
– extreme precision;
– super fast installation;
– accordance to international rules;
– versatility allowing for use in every project.


Country: MEXICO Type: Competition Pool Accessories: removable walls, Myrtha Track-Start starter blocks Year: 2015 Dimensions: 25 x 12,50 m Depth: 1,50 m Advantages: Defender water filtration system Technology: Myrtha® Classic overflow gutter

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Country: Brasil Type: Competition Pool; Warmup Pool; Therapeutic Pool Accessories: movable separator, removable walls, Myrtha Track-Start starter blocks Year: 2015 Dimensions: 52x25x3m; 25×12,5x2m; 3,60x4x1.04m; 3,60x4x (1,24-1,04 m); 3,60x3x2m; 5×3.3×1.24m Technology: Ceramic Myrtha® overflow gutter/ 2, Myrtha® Structural overflow gutter

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Country: Switzerland Dimensions: 51,55 x 25 m Depth: 2 m Colour: white Colour of the stripes: black Colour of the gutter: white Type of gutter: Ceramic 1 Colour of the tiles: Infinity white / black – front Accessories: 2 movable front walls, 1 Split in two movable bulkheads, 24 underwater white illumination lights

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