Construction of new swimming pools

Myrtha technology® is a system of building pools from pre-engineered panels, connected on-site.

Myrtha structure® can be classified as light, self-supporting, modular steel structure. It lacks the hinderances of reinforced concrete in typical pools while allowing for much quicker construction. Thanks to it’s minimal weight it can be successfully used on highest floors of building or in terrain with poor weight suport.

Structure – Stainless Steel

Components are produced from AISI 441 (panels) and AISI 470 (construction elements) stainless steel. Panels are screwed together along with the base frame to make the pool’s basin. From the the outside they are being supported by struts and reinforcements. The entire structure is completed without any need for welding, thus reducing the risk of corrosion greatly. Typical panels are 90cm wide. High quality stainless steel used in Myrtha guarantees longevity of the structure and mechanical endurance of the entirety of the pool.

Water distribution system

Thanks to the placement of the nozzles on the side walls of the pools one can immediately locate the leakage from technical corridor. There is no need to open the floor of the pool making it much more effective system than typical pool construction. Additionally being able to adjust the strength of the water stream removes the feel of the current from the middle lanes, which is greatly appreciated by any swimmer. Myrtha Pools’ water distribution system can pass the fluid dynamic test in which the 50m pool has to be entirely coloured by the dye injected into the water stream.

Waterproof – PVC

PVC has been used as a sealant for pools many years: it’s smooth but not slippery, resistant to UV degradation as well as chemical degradation and it’s very aesthetic. It’s ability to seal perfectly is provided by the unique process of binding the PVC with Myrtha® steel panels. During the production the panels are laminated with hard PVC from the water side which ensures the 100% waterproofness of the entire system. The floor of the pool is being reinforced by the membrane while the gaps and the joints between the floor and walls are filled with heated PVC laminate.

Italian Style

Myrtha® Technology offers wide variety of exclusive materials in order to ensure the most aesthetic finish possible. The materials are matched in colour with the PVC or they can be stone or marble. The completed pool is elegant and fulfills Client’s expectations and needs.

Myrtha Pools ® panel system is trusted with 25 years of Producers warranty while the PVC membrane waterproofing the pool’s floor has 10 years of warranty.