Renovation of existing swimming pools

RenovAction® technology® is a method of modernising existing pools made from concrete. It’s main advantage is that there is no need for any demolition work. The renovation process can include the walls, floor and the overflow gutter separately of all at the same time.

The system consists of stainless steel panels coated with hard PVC pre-engineered in the same Myrtha® Technology.

The entire concept is based on ability to mount the panels in the existing pool. After the modernization the pool is smaller by only 2 cm or even few milimeters in case of sports swimming pools.


The existing walls are fitted with steel frames which are mounting guides for Myrtha® steel panels. Pre-engineered overflow gutter is mounted on the pool and then fitted with steel panels. The existing water inlets or underwater illumination is secured by sealing flanges. The floor, the same as in Myrtha® Technology is reinforced with membrane which is at the same time isolator and finishing material.